A Little History Of the Grand Hotel

Tom Jackson is your host and proud owner of this grand old historical hotel. Built in 1889, it was known as Hotel Falck after its creator George Falck. It was built out of red brick two stories high with a full basement. The basement contained a barbershop and public showers for travelers to use after getting off the Green Bay & Western Railroad.

Dinner Menu

Hotel Seymour

Salesmen getting off the railroad set up in the hotel’s lobby located on the second floor to show their wares. At that time the second floor boasted a lobby, 28 rooms and several restrooms for guests to share. Price: 1.00 per day. The stables behind the hotel housed teams of horses for guests of the hotel to use. In 1951 the hotel’s name officially changed to Hotel Seymour Supperclub, as we know it today. Now, here we are, offering fine dining, fine wine, desserts, and more who are visiting Seymour and the rest of Outagamie County, WI. Contact us to learn more!

Our History

Despite a fire in the mid to late 50s which damaged part of the upper level, it still boasts 2 renovated nightly hotel rooms, 4 renovated apartments, along with the lobby and unfinished rooms. We thank you for dining with us and hope you come often. The below picture is of the mural found inside Hotel Seymour. It depicts real people from earlier history of the hotel.

The mural was painted on the north wall of the barroom in 1966. The artist was Ole Olson. Pictured left to right: Mike Burns, Ralph Paulsen, Gerry Schaumberg, Vicki Shellman, Tom Duffey, Fritz Shellman, Caroline Storma, Al Storma, Claude Peotter, Art Nick, Frank Ruchinski, Marvin Biese, Doris, Peotter, Orville Marnocha, Harold Fiest and Elmer Schmit