Are All Peppercorns Created Equal?

Pepper—it’s easily one of the most indispensable accessories for any dinner table. Even those people who turn up their noses at the thought of adding salt to their meals will still welcome a pepper grinder with enthusiasm. Whether you realize it or not, the human body craves peppercorns because they’re good for digestion, and they break down nutrients so your body can absorb them more easily. Of course, most people aren’t thinking about their overall health when they grind up peppercorns for their meal—they’re thinking about how this astonishing substance is going to bring out the natural flavors of the meal and elevate it to something ethereal.

Over the years, chefs of every type have explored the relationship between different types of peppercorn and a great meal. Depending on the kinds of peppercorn used, the final result and the overall meal can turn out drastically different. What types of peppercorns are out there? Read on to learn more!

Green peppercorns

The most ubiquitous form of peppercorn, the black peppercorn, is actually just a dried-out version of the green peppercorn. Unlike black peppercorns, however, green peppercorns are often preserved in a kind of brine or vinegar. This preservation keeps its taste vibrant and pronounced. People often describe green peppercorns as pungent and spicy. This wonderful ingredient is used to add a kick to meat sauces of all varieties.

Black peppercorns

Of all the different types of peppercorn in Seymour, WI, black peppercorns are far and away the most common. A fixture on most tables in America (at least in its ground form), black pepper is one of the most popular cooking ingredients in cuisines across the world. In fact, the black peppercorn has been cultivated into a diverse array of varieties that complement cuisines of all sorts.

White peppercorns

If you take a black peppercorn and skin it, you end up with a white peppercorn, an ingredient with a robust peppery taste. These are a great addition to any light-colored sauces.

Red peppercorns

When a peppercorn is pulled from the vine and brined, it turns into a green peppercorn. If it’s left on the vine to ripen, a peppercorn turns red. More often than not, however, red peppercorns are then dried to become the black peppercorns we know and love.

Pink peppercorns

The term “peppercorn” is kind of a misnomer here. Pink peppercorns are actually berries native to South America. They earn their name with their trademark bite, but also betray their berry nature with floral undertones.

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