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Which Spices Taste Best with Steaks?

There’s a lot that goes into preparing the perfect steak. You have to buy top-quality meat and cook it for the exact right amount of time. It’s also important to choose the right seasonings, or your steak may end up bland. With so many spices in the grocery store, it’s often hard to figure out […]

Best Types of Salt for Different Types of Food

Practically anyone who has sat down at a table in the United States has run across salt. Most people even have some knowledge of the substance’s long history, with its use as a food preservative and flavor enhancer. It’s true that salt has been around for hundreds of years, helping to make dishes better for […]

Are All Peppercorns Created Equal?

Pepper—it’s easily one of the most indispensable accessories for any dinner table. Even those people who turn up their noses at the thought of adding salt to their meals will still welcome a pepper grinder with enthusiasm. Whether you realize it or not, the human body craves peppercorns because they’re good for digestion, and they […]