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The History of Seymour, Wisconsin

The Hotel Seymour Supperclub was originally the Hotel Falck, named after its original founder, George Falck. It has been a staple of the history of Seymour, WI since 1898, and even a fire in the 1950’s could not stop its influence. The history of Seymour does not stop with our hotel—it is a town full […]

The Best Traditional Supper Club Cocktails

We get a lot of visitors from outside of Wisconsin who are unfamiliar with the idea of a supper club and ask for tips on how they can get the “full experience.” We always, of course, recommend the Friday fish fry—there are few things more reflective of the Wisconsin supper club experience than that. But […]

What Is a Supper Club? Some Interesting Supper Club History for You

What is a supper club? If you’re not from the Midwest, you might be unfamiliar with the idea of a “supper club.” As the owners of a supper club in Seymour, WI, we’re here to provide you with a bit of background about the term, and what you can typically expect from a supper club […]