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Reasons Why You Should Consider Booking with a Local Hotel

If you are traveling or just looking for an in-town staycation, you have the choice to stay at a large, national chain hotel or a locally-owned establishment. While the big chains may have some amenities that can be helpful, there are many advantages of staying at a locally-owned hotel. For starters, the service is often […]

The History of Seymour, Wisconsin

The Hotel Seymour Supperclub was originally the Hotel Falck, named after its original founder, George Falck. It has been a staple of the history of Seymour, WI since 1898, and even a fire in the 1950’s could not stop its influence. The history of Seymour does not stop with our hotel—it is a town full […]

What Is a Hotel? A Brief History

The Hotel Seymour Supperclub started in 1898 as the Hotel Falck. It offered rooms along the Green Bay & Western Railroad, and included a barbershop and public showers. While the Hotel Seymour offers a long history and is a fixture here in Seymour, WI, the history of hotels goes back much further. What follows is […]