Here’s Why Hotels Are Still Dominating Airbnb—and Why We Think They’ll Continue to Do So

Hotels have been around for a long time. While alternatives like Airbnb have sprung up in recent years, hotels have a long history and are here to stay. While there may be some benefits of homestay services like Airbnb, the fact is there are more advantages of hotels over Airbnb.

Things like consistency, reliability, convenience, upgrades and amenities are features of hotels that Airbnb just can’t match.

If you’re wondering if hotels are better than Airbnb, here are some things to consider when making that decision.


Staying in a hotel can offer consistency that Airbnb will never beat. A hotel’s job is to make sure you know what you’re going to get no matter when you stay. With Airbnb, there are so many unknowns to consider that this is just not possible.

For example, some Airbnb options have other people staying—or living—in the house during your stay. That puts a serious damper on privacy and may be inconvenient at best and uncomfortable at worst. In a hotel, you have the room and bathroom all to yourself, all the time.

Another aspect of Airbnb’s lack of consistency is that sometimes the listings aren’t quite what they appear to be when you book them. You may show up to find that the location is not exactly as described or that the bed or decor is different than what you expected. With a hotel, you can be comfortable knowing that what you book is exactly what you will get—and sometimes even better than expected.


Some Airbnb bookings have amenities that you may be excited about, but sometimes there are basic services or amenities lacking. For example, many hotels have a pool, gym, spa and restaurant or bar, but Airbnb bookings rarely have all of these amenities, if any.

Another consideration is parking. Hotels generally offer parking in a secure lot or garage. Airbnb bookings don’t always even offer off-street parking. Depending on the neighborhood, this can be a worrisome proposition, and you’ll have to be extra careful about what you leave in your car.


Staying in a hotel can have a lot of rewards, both during your stay and during subsequent stays. Many hotels have loyalty programs you can take advantage of. This way, the more you stay at the hotel, the better your deals become.

You can also rack up the upgrades with loyalty programs. The more you stay, the better your service may be. You may also get perks like free food or drinks or a bigger room. Speaking of rooms, another reason hotels are better than Airbnb is that you can request to change your room if you don’t like the view, the noise level or anything else. Try doing that in an Airbnb!

The next time you’re trying to decide between staying in a hotel or an Airbnb, consider the benefits of a hotel before staying in a stranger’s house. When you’re ready for the ultimate in customer service and quality, visit Hotel Seymour Supperclub today.

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