Reasons Why You Should Consider Booking with a Local Hotel

If you are traveling or just looking for an in-town staycation, you have the choice to stay at a large, national chain hotel or a locally-owned establishment. While the big chains may have some amenities that can be helpful, there are many advantages of staying at a locally-owned hotel.

For starters, the service is often more personalized at a locally-owned hotel. There’s a lot of passion behind the customer service at a locally-owned hotel, and that really shows. There’s also a lot of character in the building, and you can usually get good recommendations for local hangouts that aren’t going to be too crowded with tourists.

Here are some more reasons why staying at a locally-owned hotel is better.

Locally-owned hotels have personality

Hotel staff are usually going to be friendly and accommodating (it is their job, after all), but staff at locally-owned hotels often have a chance to express their personality more than chain hotels.

The reasons for this can be debated: Maybe corporate policy frowns on quirkiness; maybe staff are obligated to ask you three times to sign up for their rewards program; maybe they have quotas for certain add-ons, etc., but the results speak for themselves. When you are looking to really experience the charm of a new area, experiencing the personality of people who live in the area goes a long way to creating a memorable experience.

Passionate service

Hotel chains can get stale. The restaurant and bar often don’t seem like they’re trying too hard to impress anyone in a big national chain. Sometimes the staff can give the impression that they’re just going through the motions rather than trying to give really good customer service. One of the reasons why staying at a locally-owned hotel is better is that the staff is passionate about customer service. The whole experience is really focused on making the best experience possible whether you’re staying or just visiting the business.

Feels like home

Have you ever stayed in a national chain hotel and noticed that things are exactly the same as another hotel you may have stayed in in another city? Even the artwork can be the same sometimes. This cookie-cutter approach can be boring and uninspiring and can take some of the excitement of traveling and vacation.

One of the advantages of staying at a locally-owned hotel is that they feel more like home. There’s only one hotel like this in the world, just like your home. Even though it’s a new place, it’s still got a comfortable quality to it that can immediately relieve the stress of traveling.


Locally-owned hotels also have the advantage of being a small business that can adapt to changing times. Where big chains often have to get approval up the ladder for new procedures, amenities and more, a locally-owned hotel can keep up with changing times in a more nimble manner.

All of this adds up to superior experience when you stay at a locally-owned hotel. To see the local difference for yourself, visit Hotel Seymour Supperclub today.

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