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The Ultimate Beer And Food Pairing

The Ultimate Beer And Food Pairing Whether you are a beer connoisseur or just a casual drinker, pairing your favorite brew with the right food is an essential part of your meal. Beer and food pairing is a science that involves matching different qualities of each drink to the tastes, aromas and textures of the foods […]

Domestics vs. Imports: What You Need to Know

There are hundreds of styles of beers you can find all over the world, and a never-ending list of beers for you to try. In addition to splitting beers into categories based on styles, however, you can also split them into domestic vs. import. The basic idea in the difference between domestic vs. import beer […]

A History of Wisconsin Breweries

Wisconsin is known nationwide for its dairy industry. Travel throughout the countryside and you’ll see plenty of dairy cows in pastures along highways. But the state also was built in large part on its commercial brewing industry. Today’s beer landscape in the state looks much different than it did, say, 200 years ago, but there […]

Surprising Benefits of Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Here’s some good news for all those who imbibe: Alcohol has many genuine, scientifically-proven health benefits. Of course, these benefits are only experienced when alcohol is consumed in moderation, but here are some facts that might make teetotaling a little less appealing for those on the fence about it. Benefits of wine There are many […]

What’s the Difference Between a Craft Beer and a Microbrew Beer?

Two things go hand in hand: Wisconsin and beer. While most beer drinkers will gladly have a Miller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon or similar mass-produced beer, there’s a growing number of folks who opt for a craft beer in Seymour, WI when they’re at the bar. But with so many craft breweries popping up across […]