Why Draft Beer is Better than Bottled Beer

BeerWhen it comes to enjoying a cold, refreshing beer, many people have their preferences. Some swear by bottled beer, while others are die-hard fans of draft beer. However, there are several reasons why draft beer is often considered superior to bottled beer. In this blog post, we will discuss the top reasons why draft beer comes out on top and why you should consider choosing it over bottled beer.

1. Fresher Taste:

One of the most significant advantages of draft beer is its fresher taste compared to bottled beer. Draft beer is served directly from the keg, ensuring that it maintains its optimal flavor and carbonation. With bottled beer, it undergoes a bottling process where it is exposed to light, oxygen, and other factors that can degrade the taste over time. On the other hand, draft beer is not subject to these issues, resulting in a beer with a crisper and more authentic taste experience.

2. Temperature Control:

Another advantage of draft beer is the ability to control the serving temperature more effectively. Draft systems maintain beer at the perfect temperature throughout the entire serving process. This ensures that the beer is neither too warm nor too cold, allowing you to enjoy it at its best. Bottled beer, on the other hand, can be subject to temperature fluctuations during transportation and storage, which can negatively impact the overall drinking experience.

3. Greater Variety:

Draft beer offers a wider selection of beer choices compared to bottled beer. Breweries and bars often have an extensive draft list with a variety of beers on tap, including seasonal and limited-edition options. This gives beer enthusiasts the opportunity to explore and try different flavors and styles that may not be readily available in bottles. Additionally, the rotating nature of draft offerings keeps things exciting and gives you a chance to discover new favorites.

4. Environmental Benefits:

Opting for draft beer instead of bottled beer also has positive environmental implications. Bottled beer requires significant resources for production, including glass, labels, caps, and packaging materials. Conversely, draft beer significantly reduces waste as it is served directly from the keg, eliminating the need for bottles and packaging. By choosing draft beer, you can actively contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

5. Quality Assurance:

Draft beer offers a higher level of quality assurance compared to bottled beer. When beer is kegged, breweries have greater control over the storage and transportation conditions. This ensures that the beer remains fresh and untainted until it is served. Bottled beer, on the other hand, may be subjected to rough handling during shipping, temperature fluctuations, or even exposure to sunlight, all of which can compromise the quality of the beer.

6. Enhanced Serving Experience:

Serving beer from a tap adds a touch of novelty and enhances the overall beer-drinking experience. The visual appeal and the perfect, frothy head that draft beer produces can make every pour feel like a mini celebration. The act of pulling a draught handle and filling up a glass with fresh, cold beer creates a sense of anticipation and enjoyment that is hard to replicate with bottled beer.


While bottled beer certainly has its merits, there are compelling reasons why draft beer is often the preferred choice for beer enthusiasts. With its fresher taste, temperature control, greater variety, environmental benefits, quality assurance, and enhanced serving experience, draft beer offers a more memorable and enjoyable drinking experience. Next time you have the option, consider choosing draft beer and savor every sip of your favorite brew.

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