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The Do’s and Don’ts for Supper Club Guests

Are you thinking about visiting a supper club and want to know about supper club etiquette? Before jumping in with the do’s and dont’s, you should know that it differs from a normal dinner party. These tips should help prepare you. Do’s & Dont’s for Supper Club Guests Here are some things to know about […]

The Supper Club Revival

With the loosening of gathering restrictions, supper club popularity is growing. A supper club is a classic form of entertainment where food and live music are enjoyed, but without the chaotic energy you see in a dance club or bar. If you’re looking for a relaxing, high-end, and dignified time, a supper club may be […]

The History of Supperclubs

Wisconsin is the home of the supper club concept, and you won’t be able to cruise its roadways without passing one by. As a new resident or visitor, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a slice of Wisconsin life at a club near you. Here’s more about the supper clubs origination and what it […]

A Bit About the Original Hotel Seymour

Wondering if the Hotel Seymour is the original? No visit to Seymour, WI is complete without a visit to this historic site at the corner of Wisconsin and Main Street. Today a popular nightclub called the Hotel Seymour Supperclub is housed at the site in a historic 20th century building. Here’s a brief history about […]

What Is a Supper Club?

The supper club is a uniquely Wisconsin experience. While today’s supper clubs are more spread out and more likely to be found in rural areas, they still hold a very important place in the hearts of Wisconsinites, and are an indisputable part of the state’s culture. But what exactly is a supper club, and what […]