Nutritional Facts About Salad

When you head out for a nice dinner in Seymour, WI with your family or friends, your stomach no doubt has its eyes on a sumptuous entrée—perhaps a mouthwatering seafood Alfredo, or a slab of slow-cooked baby back ribs. Before you get to the main course, however, take a few minutes (and extend the good time) by taking a trip to the salad bar. Many people overlook the value of a delicious pre-meal salad. In fact, having a salad before your meal can improve your enjoyment of the entire evening.

For anyone wondering, “What is the nutritional value of salad?” we’ve got you covered!

Incredible edible lettuce

The bed for nearly every salad made at your local salad bar is green lettuce. While some people consider the lettuce just the complement to a plate full of delicious vegetables, green lettuce itself is extraordinarily healthy. Lettuce is an excellent source of fiber and protein, as well as a laundry list of other vitamins and minerals your body craves.

Vegetables lower blood pressure

A study from Harvard’s prestigious School of Health stated that a diet rich in vegetables can improve your blood pressure, reduce risks for digestive issues and even decrease your chances of fatal illnesses like stroke. There is an endless number of ways in which various vegetables can improve your health.

Stay on track

Feeling a little guilty because you’re about to chomp down on a succulent New York strip steak? Having a fiber-rich salad before the meal can help you feel full faster, ensuring you don’t over-consume when the main event arises. Best of all, if there’s leftover steak, that means you can squeeze a delicious second meal out of your night out. Two meals in moderation for the price of one—that’s a great deal, no matter who you are!

Use toppings with caution

Does salad have the nutrition you need? The answer could swing wildly based on the choices you make at the end of the salad bar, where they put the toppings. Up to this point, you’ve stacked your plate with healthy vegetables. Now, you have the opportunity to drown it all in sugar and fat.

Be careful—everyone loves ranch dressing, but try not to overdo it. Meanwhile, you can be liberal with your application of healthy options, like homemade oil-based dressings or nuts and seeds.

Dine in style

What is the nutrition of salad in Seymour, WI? When you’re standing at one end of the Hotel Seymour Supperclub’s famous salad bar, the choice is yours. Maybe you’ll play it safe and healthy, or perhaps you’ll splurge. Either way, the ingredients are fresh and plentiful. Go wild!

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