How to Properly Reverse Sear a Steak

When you have a thick, juicy, high-quality steak, it doesn’t require much to bring out its best qualities. Many home cooks opt for salt, pepper and maybe a dry rub, then grill or cook it in a cast iron pan. These are all great methods for cooking a good steak—but have you tried the reverse sear? Normally, steaks are tossed into a sizzling hot pan, which sears the meat on both sides. Reverse searing cooks the steak first, then sears the outside.

Steak aficionados and chefs the world over claim that reverse searing a steak is the best method for cooking a steak. Have you tried it? It’s a good way to prevent overcooking, while still getting that perfectly crispy crust on the outside. Here’s how to reverse sear a steak when grilling in Seymour, WI.

Thaw or take the steak out

You’ll need a steak that’s about one and a half to two inches thick for best results.

First, thaw your steak if frozen, or take it out of the refrigerator. The thicker and bigger your steak, the longer this will take, so plan ahead well in advance. (That goes double if you have to thaw the steak. Thick cuts can take 24 to 48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator.)

Blot and season

After your steak is close to room temperature, blot it thoroughly with paper towels. This removes the excess moisture and gets the meat ready to receive the seasoning. Salt and pepper, dry brine or rub your steak with your preferred seasoning. If you can, letting the seasoning stand for 12 to 24 hours will allow it to really penetrate the meat.

When you’re ready to cook your steak, let it come to room temperature. This is a good time to preheat your oven or get the grill ready.


If you’re cooking in the oven, preheat to 250. Put the steaks on a baking rack on top of a baking sheet and let it cook to 10 degrees under your desired doneness. This will require you to check periodically with a meat thermometer.

If you’re cooking on the grill, you’ll need indirect heat and direct heat in two different zones. Let it get between 225 and 250 degrees and place the steaks on the indirect side, as far away from the hot zone as possible. Cook to 10 degrees below desired doneness.


Now it’s time to sear your steak. If you’re searing on the stovetop, preheat your skillet (cast iron is great for this) and use a small amount of oil with a high smoke point. Sear for about two minutes for each side. Flip every 30 seconds until a crust forms.

On the grill, simply move the steak to the direct heat and follow the same process.


Finally, let your steak rest for about five minutes—and enjoy!

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