All You Want to Know About the Ice Cream Cocktail

What is an ice cream drink? It is a uniquely Wisconsin cocktail that combines ice cream with various liquors. Since its inception in the 19th century, this tasty treat has evolved into many variations that embrace the supper club’s good food, socialization and fun. But it did not gain that status overnight. Here is a history of the ice cream drink in Seymour, WI.

The beginnings

The earliest manifestation of the ice cream drink arose in 1884. A Racine-based inventor name James Tufts created a new milkshake mixer. While this device primarily produced the whimsical non-alcoholic ice cream treat we embrace today, its original testing recipe included milk, ice, flavored syrup and a dash of port.

Other appearances included The Flowing Bowl, a bar owned by William Schmidt. In 1892, he boasted of 20 ice cream cocktail recipes. One was the Reverie, which contained vanilla ice cream, brandy, maraschino liquor and Curacao, shaken and served. The Glorious Fourth was another famous drink containing vanilla ice cream, brandy and Jamaican rum.

Ice cream drinks continued their development into the 1920s. Cocktails focused on combining vanilla ice cream and gin. These new mixes include the White Cargo (which also used white wine) and the Super Stallion Fizz. These drinks made it into the famous Savoy Cocktail Book, which remains a mixed-drink authority today.

New inventions supported these drink developments. Tufts’ original hand-cranked milkshake mixer evolved into an electric-powered prototype in 1922. A few years after that one developed, Frederick Osius, a Racine businessman, purchased the rights to the new mixer and produced a new device, the Cyclone Drink Mixer. His manufacturing business acquired a new name from its two primary employees: Louis Hamilton and Chester Beach. Hamilton Beach was the first company to produce a new blender, and it continues manufacturing small appliances today.

Current variations

The new blender invention made ice cream cocktails easier to make, so the concoctions continued to gain popularity. They especially expanded through supper clubs, which are a unique Wisconsin family restaurant style. A good dinner followed by an ice cream cocktail was the standard for enjoying life.

Ice cream cocktails are a favorite throughout the state. Milwaukee hosts the largest number of landmark destinations, including At Random, a bar famous for these cocktails. Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge serves 50 varieties of ice cream drinks, and the constant sound of blenders reminds you of those unique cocktails with every visit.

New varieties arise as bartenders become creative, and the popularity remains. Besides creating specific cocktails, ice cream adds texture to traditional recipes. Piña Coladas with ice cream produce better consistency. Cream-based drinks like the Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander or Golden Cadillac work well with ice cream as a substitute.

Hotel Seymour Supperclub in Seymour, WI is prepared to introduce you to the state’s unique approach to cocktails, including ice cream drinks. We hope you found this history of the ice cream drink fascinating and that you will try one soon. Visit us today for dine-in, curbside pickup or takeout!

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