What’s the Best Cut of Steak?

When you’re in the mood for a steak dinner, there’s no other food that can really satisfy that craving. It’s just got to be steak, plain and simple. But what is the best type of steak? That really depends on personal preference, but it may be that you’re just in the mood for a certain type of steak at that moment.

Next time you’re in the mood for steak, take a moment to narrow down what you’re really in the mood for to really get the most out of satisfying that craving. Here are some details on a few popular types of steak you may have to choose from.


The tenderloin is one of the most desirable parts on a cow. As the name implies, it is one of (if not the) most tender types of steak you can get. It can be served in several different ways, including as a roast, as medallions or, the most popular way, as a thick-cut steak. It’s naturally a round cut, so in steak form it looks like a little cylinder. The thickness and tenderness make it a perfect candidate for serving rare or medium rare. There’s not a lot of tenderloin meat on the animal, so its scarcity can make it even more enticing.

New York strip

The New York strip steak is one of the most classic cuts of beef you can get. It sits in the Goldilocks zone of steak: it’s tender but not too soft, it’s flavorful but not too fatty and it’s usually not going to be the most expensive steak on the menu. This steak usually has a thin fat cap on it, which gives it a lot of flavor. It usually has good marbling of fat throughout the steak, which also adds a decent amount of flavor to your steak dinner.


The T-bone is a combination of New York strip and tenderloin. These two cuts come connected to a bone in between them, which is usually removed to serve each side as individual steaks. But they can be left on the bone, and the resulting steak adds a little more flavor from being cooked on the bone. A large T-bone steak is also called a porterhouse steak. It’s occasionally called a “his and hers” steak, with the “his” side being the larger New York strip and the “hers” being the more delicate, smaller tenderloin portion.


The most flavorful steak on the menu is usually the ribeye. It’s got a lot of tenderness and a bunch of fat, and as all steak connoisseurs know, fat equals flavor. This cut is usually served in large portions, and it traditionally has good marbling throughout with a nice fat cap on top. It is usually served boneless, but can also be served on the bone, in which case it is sometimes called a tomahawk steak or cowboy cut.

No matter what type of steak you get, biting into a tender, juicy steak is going to be a satisfying experience. For the best steak dinners around, visit Hotel Seymour Supperclub today.

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