February 21, 2020

2024-04-08 | 18:45:28

"Always great food. Never disappointed."
January 19, 2020

2024-04-08 | 18:45:30

"Good place building has some interesting history, best steak I ever ate, large salad bar."
January 13, 2020

2024-04-08 | 18:45:33

"Great pasta dishes"
January 12, 2020

2024-04-08 | 18:45:36

"Foods always great!!!"
January 12, 2020

2024-04-08 | 18:45:39

"I am throughly impressed. Went here for a Xmas party, and I'm happy this is the place that was chosen. Great atmosphere, good people, everyone looked to be having a great time. Our bartender was attentive, and best of all made an awesome drink (thank you). Wait staff was super, asked all the right questions. Food was top notch, steak and broiled shrimp done to perfection. My only complaint would be the single ladies bathroom, that's it. Thanks for a great time!"