What Steaks Go with What Wine in Seymour, WI?

You’d have to go far and wide to find someone, anyone, who doesn’t love a delicious strip of steak. Something magical happens when you slice off a morsel of perfectly cooked steak, slide it into your mouth and chew up every bite. Basically, there’s meat, and then there is steak.

If you want to kick your steak to the next level, there’s nothing quite like a well-chosen wine pairing to get the job done. For those people who know little about wine and steak in Seymour, WI, here are a few tips for pairing your next steak with the perfect wine.

White wines are not off limits…

Often, the one thing people know about pairing wine with steak is the old suggestion: red wine with beef, white wine with fish and poultry. However, that’s an outdated notion from a time when there were only a handful of offerings to choose from. In today’s endless world of blends and innovative twists on old favorites, there’s nothing that’s out of bounds. Try out a full-bodied Chardonnay, an aged Riesling or a mature white Rioja.

But red wine is king

That said, there is scientific evidence to suggest that the tannins in red wine—the substances that give the wine its dry taste—react with the fat in steak to elevate the flavor of both in a combination that can be otherworldly. Which red wine you choose depends on how you like your steak:

  • You can’t go wrong choosing a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon to hold its own with the robust flavor of any steak.
  • Though a California Zinfandel has only a moderate number of tannins, it’s ideal for pairing with a steak that’s high in fat content like T-bones, rib-eyes and Porterhouse cuts.
  • Lean cuts of steak like sirloins or New York strips should be complemented with softer tannins like a Merlot or Pinot Noir.
  • Eating steak on a budget? Not a fan of Cabernet Sauvignon? Try out a smooth, but rich Malbec, an option that pairs with beef of every cut.

For those who aren’t interested in remembering all that, the general rule of thumb is that the higher the fat content of your steak, the more tannins you should have in your red wine. The lower the fat content, the fewer tannins.

Don’t overthink it

The whole point of pairing wine and steak in Seymour, WI is to enjoy yourself. If you like your steak well done and you only have a taste for Chardonnays, go for it. No law says you can’t mix and match however you feel, so don’t feel bashful when it comes down to decision time.

A guaranteed good time

No matter how you want to pair wine and steak in Seymour, WI, there’s no better place to find your ideal pairing than at the Hotel Seymour Supperclub, the region’s premier fine dining establishment. Since 2004, we’ve taken immense pride in combining exquisite cuisine with a comfortable experience.

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