What Are the Proper Ways to Taste Wine in Seymour, WI?

We’ve all seen it. Across the restaurant, a fresh bottle of wine is presented for inspection. A pleased smile appears on the face of an expectant customer, and suddenly, customer and server have entered a strange ritual of sniffing and pouring before the wine can be distributed to the rest of the table. What you’re witnessing is the proper way to taste wine before settling back to enjoy the bottle.

For those people wondering how to taste wine in Seymour, WI, here are a few tips.

Different rules for fine dining and wine tasting

As you might expect, there are different expectations when you’re examining a wine for the table before a meal, and when you’re attending a proper wine tasting. The most significant difference is the spitting. At a wine tasting, you’ll be sampling several different kinds of wine. As a result, it’s important that you spit out your small sips of wine to keep your palate cleansed and your mind clear.

Beyond that, the process of observation, of smelling and sipping, is mostly the same. Of course, there’s more than just “tasting” when it comes to learning ways to taste wine in Seymour, WI.

When the wine bottle comes

Fill your glass a quarter of the way, being sure to hold it by the stem. Grabbing your glass by the bulb can add excess heat and muddle the wine’s taste.

Don’t taste it right away. Wine of every sort needs time to breathe before it’s ingested. Before you taste the wine, smell the bottle opening itself. If you catch a musty smell or a faint vinegar odor, get another bottle. This batch has been improperly bottled, and the wine is all but ruined.

While your wine is breathing

Once you’re confident that the bottle you’re being served is ready to drink, tilt the wine to one side of the glass. In a white wine, you’re checking to see that the wine isn’t a brownish shade. In red wine, you’re looking to see that the wine isn’t cloudy. In aged red wines, a little sediment may form at the bottom of the glass, but that’s common and not a cause for any concern.

Swirl the wine

To allow a last bit of oxygen into the glass, swirl the wine. This can also tell you how “full-bodied” your wine is and might indicate the amount of alcohol in your wine. If the wine runs slowly back to the bottom of your cup or forms “legs” as it slides off the side of your cup, it may indicate that your wine is more alcoholic.

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