What Are the Best Seasonings for Steak?

Many people swear by the notion that any piece of steak should be tasty enough on its own and that using spices is akin to sacrilege. They believe that seasoning a steak is making an artificial taste that sullies the flavor of the meat itself. However, this could not be further from the truth. Some of the best seasonings for steak in Seymour, WI can actually go a long way in making your steak’s flavor really stand out from the crowd, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it makes the different profiles really sing. Some of our favorites are outlined below.


Yes, plain old salt is one of the best steak seasonings in Seymour, WI due to its simplicity and its well-earned reputation for taking savory dishes to another level altogether. Salt should be a staple in any kitchen, and it is a very versatile item to use. In fact, some chefs claim that it’s not possible to over salt a steak in the kitchen. It comes in either fine or flaked varieties, and we recommend using the finer types when it comes to seasoning steaks. It can really get into the texture of the meat that way and permeate with its flavor. Flaked salt can be using as a finishing touch, but be careful not to go overboard, as overconsumption of salt can be a contributor to a variety of health problems.


Garlic has a famously attractive smell and is one of those items that makes people think you know what you’re doing in the kitchen if they get a whiff of it in your house. This powerful scent can cut both ways, though. While it can be a wonderful addition to a steak, it does have the potential to overpower the other flavors in a dish if it’s overused. For that reason, garlic powder is better than cloves or fresh garlic, as it allows more control over the amount, is milder in flavor and sticks to the steak much more effectively. Garlic is absolutely one of the most popular and best seasonings for steak in Seymour, WI, and can be a very effective addition to a dish.

Chili peppers

One of the more divisive and daring seasonings for steak in Seymour, WI is chili peppers. Many people simply do not have the palate to enjoy spicier dishes, so it can be automatically ruled out for them. For those of us who don’t mind a little heat, though, it can really add a zing to a cut of meat. There are a number of types of chili pepper you can select, with varying degrees of heat and flavor, so don’t be shy about experimenting.

Steak seasoning options are as diverse as the cuts of meat that you can find out there. The key is to keep an open mind and not worry about “ruining” a piece of steak because you’ve enhanced its flavor with seasoning. The steaks at the Hotel Seymour Supperclub are some of the best around and can give you some insight into how professionals utilize these wonderful flavorings to make dishes better and bolder. Come see us soon!

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