How to Elevate a Budget Steak

You’d be hard pressed to find a carnivore on the planet who doesn’t melt for a well-cooked steak. A gorgeous cut of meat frying on a pan or getting roasted on a grill is enough to set any mouth to watering. Of course, sometimes, the urge to bit into a succulent steak in Seymour, WI doesn’t match what you have in your bank account. That’s when it’s time to get creative with your steak.

Don’t worry—with a little bit of preparation, you can make your cheap cut taste like a prime T-bone.

Here’s what you’ll need

First, make sure you have the following ingredients and supplies:

  • Your cheap cut
  • A boatload of kosher salt
  • A baking sheet

That’s it! Of course, it’s critical that you do not substitute table salt for kosher salt. Kosher salt is a coarse-grain salt that isn’t able to dissolve and seep into the meat. When you use table salt, it breaks down quickly and sinks into your meat, ruining the flavor.

A salt burial

Once you’ve collected your ingredients, it’s time to get to work on your steak in Seymour, WI. Let the steak warm up to room temperature. Then, coat the meat in your coarse-grain salt. Don’t hesitate to really drown it. Then, once your steak is coated, let it sit. For every inch of thickness in your steak, let it sit, covered in salt, for one hour. So, if your steak is an inch-and-a-half thick, it will need to sit for 90 minutes.

Wash and dry

Once your steak is done marinating, remove it from the pan and rinse it thoroughly. You should notice that your steak is a darker color than it was previously. Be sure to pat the steak dry before cooking it. It might be tempting to skip the pat-dry, but do not do this. If you put wet steak on a grill or in a pan, it will only get steamed, not cooked.

From there, you should be able to prepare your steak to the doneness of your liking, as you would any expensive cut of meat.

A fabulous steak for the right price

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