Great Side Dishes for Any Steak

There’s nothing quite like an excellent, thick cut of steak sitting at the center of your plate. Whether you’re rich or poor, a man or a woman, few dishes are more delicious than a prime cut. T-bone, sirloin strip, filet mignon, it doesn’t matter—a good steak is a good steak. Of course, the best way to enjoy your steak in Seymour, WI is to add the perfect side dish. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Potatoes of your choosing

Far and away, the most popular side dish served along steak is a nice potato. Why? Because potatoes are as versatile as a steak. You can prepare these magical veggies any way you want.

French fries are a crowd-pleasing option whether you’re catering a birthday party or game day. Hash browns are quick and easy and make a perfect textural counterpart to a well-cooked steak in Seymour, WI.

Not up for slicing and dicing? Baked potatoes are easy to whip up and can be adorned with all kinds of tasty toppings. For those up for the extra work, twice-baked potatoes combine all the creamy goodness of a plate of mashed potatoes with the complex taste of a baked potato with the works.

Steamed vegetables

Looking to add a healthier option to your tender cut of meat? Steamed vegetables are a no-hassle complement to any great cut of steak. Best of all, the offerings change from season to season, which means that you can swap out your side dishes and mix things up over the course of the year. A little seasoning, some water and a few minutes of your time is all you need. Just be prepared to bring your appetite.


Not in the mood for steamed vegetables? No problem! A fresh salad is a time-tested option for those who still want some veggies with their steak. If you’re lucky, the restaurant you’ll be eating at will have an expansive salad bar. If you’re dining at home and you opt for a salad, you should be sure to have several options for toppings. One or two types of dressing—ranch and thousand island are crowd pleasers—plus a few toppings like black olives, fresh onions, tomatoes and maybe a little chopped bacon should suffice.

Fettuccine Alfredo

Looking for a more robust side dish to go with your steak? Why not cook a big pot of fettuccine Alfredo to complement your gorgeous, savory steak. An easy Alfredo recipe isn’t tough to master. Just make sure it’s creamy and light, and you can’t go wrong!

Skip the middleman

There’s no need to work yourself into a frenzy hunting down the perfect side dish for a steak in Seymour, WI. When you visit the Hotel Seymour Supperclub, you can get any or all of the above alongside one of our winning steaks. We also have chicken cordon bleu, baby back ribs and so much more. While you’re here, be sure to take advantage of our massive salad bar with all the toppings.

The next time you’re looking for a special evening out, make sure to head to the Hotel Seymour Supperclub. We can’t wait to see you.

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