Can White Wine Be Used to Cook and Prepare Steak?

For centuries, dining out could seem like something of a minefield. There was a bevy of hidden rules and accidental faux pas that could land the unaware in a social quagmire. One of the strictest of these dining rules was the old adage that red wine only paired with red meat, and white wine only paired with white meat. The assumption was that the traditional robust flavor of a red wine would overpower typically subtle meat like chicken or pork. Meanwhile, the light taste of most white wines wouldn’t be able to stand up against a savory, thick cut of steak.

As you can imagine, that stifling worldview didn’t lead to a lot of culinary experimentation. Fortunately, over the last several years, thanks to bold new white wines and some adventurous chefs, the rules have begun to blur. Now, choosing a white fine wine in Seymour, WI to pair with or even prepare your steak is no longer considered out of bounds. You just have to know what you’re doing.

Why cook red meat with white wine?

If you’re not regularly adding a dash of red or white wine to your cooking, you could be missing out on a fantastic taste experience. Like all alcohol, white wine dissolves fats in the meat, releasing flavors that other cooking aids—water, broth, olive oil and even butter—simply cannot match. Even as the actual boozy part of the alcohol is burned off, the underlying flavors of the wine attach to the meat and accentuate the taste.

When cooking typically strong-tasting meat like steak, the danger of using red wine for cooking alongside the meat is that the powerful red wine flavor will overpower the unique taste of the steak. Modern chefs are now opting to cook steak with white wine because of its light body, which dissolves fats, improves flavor and then blends into the background.

Choosing the right wine pairing

If you’re having steak cooked with white wine or just don’t want to deal with a full-bodied red, you can choose a white fine wine in Seymour, WI. That said, not all white wines will pair well with a steak. With that in mind, here are some suggestions to guide you:

  • Rosé: This blend pairs the nutty taste of a Chardonnay with just a splash of the spicy flavor of a pinot noir.
  • White Burgundy: This is another blend that makes the most of two classic wines.
  • Riesling: Looking for a sweeter complement to your steak? Riesling could be the perfect choice.

Don’t hesitate to ask your local waiter to help you find a fantastic pairing for your steak.

The perfect meal, every time

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