Five Fun and Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

If you’re planning to enjoy your Valentine’s Day in Seymour, WI, there are several ways to make the day truly memorable and special. Use the following ideas to inspire you as you surprise your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy a delicious dinner

No Valentine’s Day is complete without an unforgettable dinner that tantalizes a couple’s tastebuds. You can cook a favorite meal together at home and compare your culinary skills, but it’s usually better to go out to eat for a unique meal that captures the spirit of this special day. Try a new restaurant if you’re feeling adventurous, or go with one of your favorite spots for a dinner you’ll both love.

Give back

Serving others always warms the heart. For a unique Valentine’s Day activity, give back by creating care packages for those in need. You could spend the day together shopping for necessities like food, clothing and hygiene products and package them up for your local homeless shelter. Another option is to volunteer at a food bank or animal shelter—you might like it enough to make it a regular thing. Helping others this Valentine’s Day is something you’ll both feel good about long after the day is over.

Take a staycation

Spending the night away can feel like a splurge, but a staycation is a great way to feel like you’re getting away from it all without the expense and effort of a full-blown trip. Choose a local hotel that has all the amenities that will make your stay exceptional. Soak in the hot tub, relax at the hotel bar or stay in and order room service to pamper your date on Valentine’s Day. Sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed the next morning.

Try a class

Learning something new as a couple only strengthens your bonds. It also could inspire you to take up a new favorite hobby. Consider spending Valentine’s Day at your local art center and try your hand at drawing, painting or pottery. You could even take a virtual couple’s wine tasting seminar. Some virtual tastings actually send you the bottles, then you video chat with an expert to broaden your knowledge of wine and develop your taste buds.

Visit a museum

Who wouldn’t love spending the day soaking up a little culture? Head to your local museum and spend the afternoon checking out the current exhibits. If you don’t have a museum nearby, or you’ve already seen what your local spot has to offer, consider taking a virtual museum visit. Many of the biggest museums around the world offer virtual tours, allowing you and your companion to take in a little culture from the comfort of your couch.

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year—why not make the most of it? If you’re looking for ways to spend the holiday in Seymour, WI, give some of these date ideas a try. Be sure to make your reservations early, since demand at restaurants and hotels goes through the roof as February 14 rolls around. Call the Hotel Seymour Supperclub to secure your spot and enjoy a delicious dinner with the one you love most.

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