Missing Date Night? Enjoy a Great Dinner Followed by One of These Five Fun Activities

Tired of going on what feels like the same date with your significant other? Everyone knows that dinner and a movie is only a fun and fresh idea for so long. If you’re looking to enjoy a unique date night with your companion in Seymour, WI, it’s a great idea to enjoy dinner at your favorite local restaurant followed by a fun activity. Here are five great activities that can help you spice up your date night.

Play a round of mini golf

Mini golf isn’t just for kids—it’s a fun, no-pressure way to enjoy some friendly competition with your partner. The days of the kitschy mini golf course are over—many spots have really upped their game with interesting obstacles, glowing lights and contemporary decorations and themes. Play a round at your local mini golf course, or if you’re looking to improve your golf game, go to a driving range and see who can hit the ball furthest down the fairway.

Try karaoke

Even if you and your companion don’t possess great singing chops, karaoke is one of the classic date night ideas. Take your partner to your nearest karaoke bar and belt out your favorite tunes. Even if you can’t sing in perfect harmony, you’ll both have fun grabbing the mic and playing the role of a rock star for a night.

Tour a museum

Lots of museums are open during the evening, making it a perfect opportunity for you and your date to enjoy some culture after you’ve taken in a nice dinner. Head to your nearest museum to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the exhibits and talk about what’s on display. It’s a great way to get to know your partner’s likes and dislikes and about the topics they want to learn more about.

Explore the animal world

If your local zoo is open after dark, getting to know the animals together is a fun activity you can do with your date. Some zoos even offer night safaris and hikes to make the experience truly special. Not all animals are active during the day, so a visit after dark lets you watch some of the animals come to life in a captivating way.

Take a painting class

Spend the evening exploring the imagination together by trying out a painting class with your partner. You can each create your own masterpiece or work together and see what your combined efforts can achieve. Many of these classes let you bring your own bottle of wine. Feel free to enjoy and color outside the lines.

There’s no excuse for doing the same thing on your date nights in Seymour, WI. If you’re tired of recycled date night ideas and want something a little different, follow your dinner with an activity that inspires and interests both you and your date. Contact Hotel Seymour Supperclub to secure your reservation for date night, then try any of the activities above for a unique couple’s experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

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