How to Pair Cocktails and Food

Hosting a dinner party with friends and family can be a great way to spend an evening. One way to elevate your get-together is to consider matching each dish with a refreshing cocktail. Serving different beverages to go with each course is a fun way to try new libations while ensuring your guests have a good time.

But before you run out to the liquor store, you’ll want to put some real thought into your cocktail and food pairing in Seymour, WI. This post will cover a few things to consider while you’re planning out your next dinner party.

Complement your dish

Cocktail pairing in Seymour, WI is supposed to complement the dish, not overpower it. You can complement your recipe with a cocktail by either matching or contrasting the flavors. For example, if your dish features a heavy lemon flavor, pair it with a gimlet or similar citrus beverage. To contrast your course, consider pairing a heavy drink with a lighter dish.

Add aromatics

From an old-fashioned to a martini, a bartender uses aromatics for all sorts of different cocktails. Adding aromatic herbs to your cocktails that are also in your recipe can enhance the flavors of both your food and beverage. You don’t have to muddle the aromatic herb in your cocktail to give it the desired effect—using it as a garnish works, too.

Match regional cocktails and cuisine

If you’re having trouble with your cocktail and food pairing in Seymour, WI, just look at the dish’s origin and find a cocktail from a similar region. For example, a Mexican dish always goes well with a margarita or a paloma. Not only will this pairing be fun for guests, but it’s sure to be tasty.

Watch the alcohol content

Be careful regarding how boozy each cocktail is. If you’re serving a multi-course meal with several different cocktails, only include two or three ounces of liquor in each drink instead of a full glass. Limiting the amount of alcohol in each drink prevents your guests from ruining their tastebuds or getting sick at the table.

You might also want to consider adding beer or wine to your beverage menu. These libations have a much lower alcohol content than a cocktail.

Try it for yourself

A night or two before your dinner party, we recommend doing a “dry run” with your food and cocktail pairings. If the cocktail doesn’t taste quite right with your dish, don’t serve it! You could also go out to a restaurant with a big cocktail menu and ask for the server’s opinion on different pairings.

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