The History of Supperclubs

Wisconsin is the home of the supper club concept, and you won’t be able to cruise its roadways without passing one by. As a new resident or visitor, you owe it to yourself to enjoy a slice of Wisconsin life at a club near you. Here’s more about the supper clubs origination and what it means:

What Is a Supper Club?

You’ll feel like a special member of a club the first time you have supper at one of these wholesome establishments. Supper clubs are family-run restaurants with a casual atmosphere and a deep sense of hospitality. They are unique because they welcome visitors from all walks of life and treat guests as members of their own families. Your experience at one will be much like sharing a meal at home, because warmth will fill the air, and you’ll feel relaxed every second. 

History of Supper Clubs

The concept of supper clubs started when Lawrence Frank opened a restaurant in California. Frank was a native Wisconsinite who believed in opening his doors and heart to everyone. His California establishment served upscale dishes, but the atmosphere was down-to-earth. This pleasant mixture of fine foods and heartwarming hospitality started a trend that exploded in the 1930s and still lives on today. Nowadays, you can find many supper clubs along the streets of Wisconsin and concentrated heavily in the Midwest area.  

The Difference Between Chain Restaurants and Supper Clubs

You might think of a supper club as a restaurant because people eat there, but it’s much more than that. A supper club is a hybrid establishment that provides food and a social club for visitors. It’s the place where people stop by and sit down for a while rather than rush through their meals.

They’re excellent choices because of the sense of fellowship everyone feels when visiting these establishments. The variety of foods served at a supper club may vary, but it generally consists of American cuisine. Supper club locations sometimes have bars and buffet areas to enhance the social atmosphere. Furthermore, some locations may have special lighting, jukeboxes and other enhancements that make them more personalized. 

How To Find a Supper Club

You can use a variety of methods to find the nearest supper club. Using an internet search engine is always a good start. You can ask a neighbor if you’re new to the area since most of them have probably visited a supper club at least once. Alternatively, you can gather your family members, get in your car, and drive around until you see an establishment with a "supper club" sign. You’ll find a place to mingle with your new community members. Supper clubs are all about meeting new people and letting them get to know who you are. The spirit of every supper club is friendly, and staff members seem more like kinfolk than restaurant owners and workers. 

You should now understand the personable and family-oriented nature of supper clubs. Moreover, you should know that it’s morally wrong for you to leave Wisconsin without visiting one. 

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