Wisconsin’s Supper Club Tradition

If you haven’t heard about Wisconsin supper clubs, don’t feel bad, you probably aren’t the only one. If you are one of the fortunate people who have (more than 60,000 Facebook followers and counting), then you already understand just why this is such a special tradition.

It probably also doesn’t surprise you to see the Supper Club resurgence in popularity today. While this tradition dates back to bygone years, it was sparked back to life via a Facebook page in 2020.

Wisconsin Supper Club Tradition finds Serendipitous Rebirth

All the parts were already in place. All that was missing was a need, an opportunity, or a platform for it to happen. The Wisconsin Supper Club is embodied by the community, conversation, quiet ambiance, and, of course, great food. Yes, that includes more than your share of Wisconsin cheese.

All of those traits and human threads are wrapped up in the Wisconsin Supper Club, and when the COVID-19 virus hit, it also awakened a need inside people everywhere. A need to connect, to communicate, to share, to be close — in any way. 

Add to this unforeseen set of circumstances and the now thriving internet and social media platforms like Facebook, and it only took a spark to bring the Wisconsin Supper Club back to life. Now, fast-forward a few years and thousands of followers later, and we are witnessing the serendipitous rebirth of a much-loved and needed tradition.

If you enjoy good company, conversation, and great food (we know – right), then you might be interested in the Wisconsin Supper Club. No, you don’t have to live or be from Wisconsin to join. You will, however, be asked to carry the spirit, kinship, and tradition of the Supper Club with you as a member.

The Wisconsin Supper Club and Hotel Seymour

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