Fish Fries and Supper Clubs

Fish fries are a popular get-together in many parts of the nation, and in places like Wisconsin, they are ingrained in the broader culture. Fish fries occupy a unique palace in Wisconsin history, and here is some more information about this unique piece of history.

The Origins of the Wisconsin Fish Fry

When asking what is the history of the fish fry, you have to go back a few centuries. As Roman Catholics settled in Wisconsin in the 1800s, they brought several existing habits and beliefs with them. One of these is not eating meat on Friday, making fish fries a popular choice for dinners on Fridays. However, the fish fry would ingrain itself in broader Wisconsin culture in the early 20th century. The availability of fresh fish made fish fries popular and during prohibition, they became a way for the now dry bars to make money and stay in business. The popularity continued with all-you-can-eat fish fries taking hold in the 1950s, and by the 1970s, it was a normal and enjoyable part of daily living.

Today, the Friday fish fry is a popular and normal part of life that is enjoyed year-round by residents across the state. While there is a never-ending variety of freshwater fish and sides, you can count on it being a good time with a good meal no matter what’s on the menu.

Supper Clubs and Fish Fries

Wisconsin fish fries at Supper Clubs sounds like a strange match. However, that is not necessarily the case. Supper clubs are associated with good homemade food, nice music, enjoyable get-togethers, and often nice clothing. A suit and tie do not normally seem like fish fry gear, but a fish fry can be enjoyed in all settings, and a supper club is a better fit than it first appears.

Supper clubs, above all, are focused on an enjoyable evening and homemade meals of the highest quality. When you go to a supper club, you sit with your family and friends and enjoy their company. The live music helps set an entertaining and relaxing atmosphere, and fresh fried fish makes this even better. Supper clubs pride themselves on providing fresh farm-to-table meals where you can taste the quality.

When you order fried fish at a supper club, you know in advance you’re not getting microwaved fish; you are getting the freshest fish possible prepared by an expert chef. When Wisconsinites go to a fish fry, they expect fresh fish and sides, and a meal at a supper club is no different.

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