The Do’s and Don’ts for Supper Club Guests

Are you thinking about visiting a supper club and want to know about supper club etiquette? Before jumping in with the do’s and dont’s, you should know that it differs from a normal dinner party. These tips should help prepare you.

Do’s & Dont’s for Supper Club Guests

Here are some things to know about dining at a supper club.


Since this is not considered a normal restaurant, you should not expect to receive the same standard of service. If you need water and everyone is busy, you can get your own. If you happen to drop your napkin, pick it up yourself because the wait staff are not your servants. More than likely, they are probably related to the host.


Be sure to bring your own booze. Most supper clubs don’t possess a liquor license. This is good for guests since they now have the opportunity to only pay what they would in a conventional restaurant. As far as soft drinks, the majority of supper club hosts don’t have a large fridge full of a large selection of soft drinks. This means that if you prefer a certain soft drink, make sure that you bring it along with you. Supper clubs tend to offer tap water instead of mineral water. Again, bring your own if you have a preference.


A big group of chefs is not waiting to whip you up a hot dinner if you arrive late. Do not arrive early, because it puts the host in a challenging position. Just make sure that you plan accordingly.


Avoid canceling. If you must, make sure that you do it at least 48 hours in advance. The supper club host will already have purchased the ingredients for your dinner. They cannot sell the food the next day like a conventional restaurant. If you did pay in advance, you should abide by the dinner party manners versus the restaurant rules.


Be ready to sit with people you don’t know. This is probably one of the best things about a supper club. You have the ability to meet other people. If you have already booked a supper club for a special celebration, then you should inform your host in advance and let them know again once you arrive. To reserve your places, put bags on chairs, etc.


Avoid changing your mind at the last minute and deciding that you are now vegan or allergic to something like olive oil. Dinners are planned well in advance, and the host/hostess deserves notice about any diet restrictions.


Since you probably tip at conventional restaurants, you should consider tipping at the supper club. A small gift is also welcome. After all, you are going to their home. Most supper club hosts are not interested in food and drink. If you make jam, for example, give them a jar instead of a tip.


Supper clubs are perfect for networking, getting jobs, and more. However, you always run the risk of sitting next to a bore, which can ruin your entire experience. Usually, only the adventurous typically go, so you may not have anything to worry about.

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