The Top Wines for Summer 2022

Summer days are perfect for taking it easy and spending quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re planning a dinner out with friends, having a special date night, or just enjoying some time out with companions, here are some of the best wines to try.

Best Wines of 2022 to Add to Your Summer Menu (White and Sparkling)

White and sparkling wines are favorites during the warmer months because they taste crisp and refreshing. These options are perfect for pairing with a meal or enjoying on their own. And with an affordable Blanc de Blancs as an option, every day can be a celebration!

  • Washington state Chardonnay: With crisp notes that delight the palate, white wines from this region continue to be a popular choice. Perfect for pairing with a fresh salad or pasta dish due to the hint of pear, apple, and vanilla notes.

  • An Italian wine made with Trebbiano di Lugana grapes: A less common varietal, this Italian white is a bit more complex than its American peers. The herbal notes and subtle acidity pair very well with grilled chicken and seared salmon.

  • Sparkling Blanc de Blancs: This budget-friendly option makes it a lot easier to pop a cork even when you’re not celebrating a special event. The dry finish makes it a perfect pairing with dessert, or on its own as an aperitif. 

New Wines to Try in 2022 Summer and Beyond (Red)

Reds and rosés have their place in the summer months too. Heavier reds provide the perfect complement to rich dinners and nights outside by a fire pit. One of the best things about trying new wine is that there are so many wonderful options to choose from. 

  • Italian rosé: Technically, this wine could go in either the white or red category! Who doesn’t love a great rosé on a beautiful summer evening? The difference between this Sicilian option and the popular French options lies in the gentle, spicy finish. Perfect for sharing with friends on a girls’ night out over salads. 

  • Cascade Pinot Noir: Bold reds from the Cascade area are some of the best wines for complementing a rich meal. The Pinot Noir provides tastes of tea leaves, mint, and milk chocolate. This robust red is sure to be enjoyed on any occasion. Pair with pasta in a rich cream sauce.

  • Sonoma Cabernet: A little more subtle than its Pinot Noir cousins, this wine type will be a hit with everyone. Subtle tastes include dark chocolate and a hint of black pepper. The flavors blend together without a single one becoming too overpowering. Perfect with a steak dinner. 

Experimenting with new wine is a great way to spend a summer evening. On their own or with a delicious meal, these varietals will make the experience even better. These wines are among the best for Summer 2022 and should be on your "must try" list! 

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