Drinks to Enjoy in Fall

Summer is all about cooling down with chilled Mai Tais and Mojitos, but when it comes to drinks for the fall, it’s all about warming up. When we think of cocktails for the fall, we think of spicy and heartening ingredients such as cider, bourbons, and the warming tones of the changing season. Our favorite fun fall cocktails are going to be heartier, and even a little healthier. You might even get a stronger kick from it. Fun fall cocktails will give you just what you need to sit back and relax with a drink that will make you glad it is fall. Choose from our selection of the top 3 best drinks for fall here and start getting excited about the holidays.

Old Fashioned Apple Cider Cocktail That’s Not an Old Fashioned

In this fun fall cocktail, you are taking some good ol’ fashioned ingredients and turning them into a cocktail delight. You need apple cider, bourbon of your favorite flavor, vermouth, lemon juice, and some orange bitters. This is an easy one. Mix and serve. Garnish as you like with a cinnamon stick, an orange peel, or just your smile. If you are using ice, this is stirred, not shaken.

Drink Dessert Before You Have Dessert With This Pumpkin Pie Martini You’ll Swear By

The pumpkin pie martini sounds so “done” and cliché, but it doesn’t have to be. Become inspired by the flavors of fall here and this will become one of your best fun fall cocktails. You don’t have to stick to this list. The magic here is making it your own. For another easy serve, mix an ounce each of vodka, crème de cacao, heavy cream or whipping cream, and pumpkin pie spice in a cocktail shaker. For a healthier version, add a tablespoon of pumpkin pie puree to the mix. The flavor is negligible and makes the drink more authentic.

Before you serve, garnish your glasses with a rimmed recipe. That can be butter and graham cracker crumbs, or a cinnamon and sugar combination. Either adds an incredible pop to each sip. Whipped cream on the top of each drink with cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles, or leftover graham crackers will leave guests and friends feeling very greedy and nail this for you as one of the best drinks for fall.

Change Your Fall Inspiration to Pear and Ginger with Bourbon

Pears are a fall flavor that many people forget about. In this drink, you are getting the taste of the last hazy days of summer with some heavier fall ingredients. Ginger, pear, and bourbon are the keys here. Use pear juice here; pear puree will be too heavy. The juice from canned pears will work, but store-bought pear nectar will as well. You can also cook pears into a puree that will easily strain as a juice into this drink for a beautiful, authentic and fresh pear flavor. It will be worth that time.

One-quarter cup of honey and water in this drink sweetens it up with just the right undertone when you create a syrup from this by simmering honey, water, and ginger to steep for 20 minutes. Ginger spice will do for this syrup, but try fresh ginger and you will not want to turn back from it. Add a splash of lemon juice and this is a lovely drink that will become one of your favorite fun fall cocktails.

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