The Rise of the Supper Club

It’s a dinner party, it’s a restaurant, it’s the return to supper clubs. The resurgence of supper clubs is a fascinating phenomenon in the twenty-first century. This phenomenon goes back to the start of the twentieth century when the words “underground” and “prohibition” were used in many ways of life.

The resurgence of supper clubs and what they are providing to society in this century puts away the concept of an underground way of living, and instead provides a new social norm that leaves diners both happy and inspired. For a new way of eating out in your economy, cue the rise of the supper club. Learn more about this resurgence and what it can bring to your life right here.

Supper Clubs Remove the Formality of Michelin-Star Dining

A large part of the return to supper clubs has come from the desire for diners to move away from formal dining. While it is true that many and even most diners would enjoy a dinner at a Michelin-star-rated restaurant, the experience comes with a great deal of formality and stress. The supper club is a dining experience where you go to someone’s home and experience the same level of food, in most cases.

The goal here is not always for the host to make money from the event, but rather to bring the Michelin-style meal to your plate without the formality and protocol of a commercial and formal dining room. Diners want a comfortable place to eat good food in today’s economy, and this is what the resurgence of supper clubs is all about.

The Return to Supper Clubs Is Easier on Diners’ Wallets

Where beating prohibition in the twentieth century was the draw of supper clubs then, the return of the supper club in the twenty-first century has a lot to do with affordability. Some diners become hooked on supper clubs when they see just how affordable they can be. You can find many anecdotal reports on this that indicate a meal such as eggs benedict with smoked salmon, a side and an appetizer may cost as little as $15 USD before drinks.

It may seem odd to go to a stranger’s home or location for this, but it is for many diners today a deal that is too hard to refuse. You don’t sacrifice food when you dine at supper clubs, most of the time. Do your research and check on menus before you book your reservation, and you are likely to be very happy with the meal.

Foodies Are Inspired by the Resurgence of Supper Clubs

The supper club today places an emphasis on food quality, without you having to pay for the Michelin-star server and sommeliers at your table. Many foodies are hooked on the supper club dining out system because they get ideas for their own cooking feasts. At the same time, a good foodie likes to eat good food prepared by someone else. It is a treat for them to enjoy fine dining that they don’t have to cook. In today’s world, there is a foodie around every corner. This helps with the return to supper clubs tremendously.

Dine With Supper Clubs

If you are inspired now, find the closest supper club to you in Wisconsin. Choose the one that meets your needs in this age-old tradition of connecting with others over a feast prepared by an expert.

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